13 marca organizujemy wydarzenie na konferencji OBWE w Wiedniu dotyczące wolności mediów. Zapraszam przedstawicieli nowych mediów do udziału jako mówcy. Wydarzenie będzie towarzyszyło konferencji OBWE:
Media Freedom as a Central Pillar of Comprehensive Security: Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting I | OSCE
Nasze wydarzenie jest 13 marca o godzinie 16:30-17:30 w siedzibie OBWE. https://www.osce.org/odihr/shdm_1_2023

To temat dyskusji:
New forms of censorship of new media. Legal changes in Poland and other countries increase state control over public communication.
The pandemic and the pretext of the armed conflict in Ukraine pose new threats to new media, social media and direct communication of citizens via messengers from OSCE member states. These countries use the pretext of fighting disinformation and information warfare for preventive and repressive censorship without judicial review. In Poland, as well as in other OSCE member states, laws are being introduced that are inconsistent with the obligations of OSCE member states, civil and human rights. At the seminar, we will present a case study of Poland in which secret services block the domains of Polish media and want to disable communication in a specific territory without judicial control and have access to the content of messages on instant messengers